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Drop off and pickup times are between 12:00PM and 7:00PM.

Board and Train Packages

Almost every dog needs an incredibly steady and concrete solid set of rules. That foundation is set here in my home, away from other dogs, but with access to half an acre of fenced yard, being in the living room where they are constantly meeting other people and here is where they learn their basic commands, whether a very young puppy with biting issues or a much older dog with a much more severe biting issue. Each dog is different and therefore, each board and train is specialized with your dog and the expectations you want in mind.

From puppy who needs manners to the dog with substantially more severe issues, including but not limited to:

  • Food and Resource Guarding
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Severe Fear Issues
  • Reactivity on Leash

This program covers all the basic commands:  Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, Place, Heel, Come/Recall - as well as Waiting for Food, Waiting at Thresholds and OUT! Contemporary E-Collar training utilizes the softest, most gentle remote communication and is one of the most humane and effective approaches to dog training available.

Two-Week Board & Train Package


  • 2 weeks Board & Training in Trainer's home.
  • At least an hour when you pick up your pupster so you can learn everything your dog just leaned, including how to keep them in place and how to use the e-collar (it’s not that scary, I promise!)

The great majority of dogs manage to finish their groundwork and foundations in two weeks; however, if that isn’t long enough, we will discuss that as we go and it is pro-rated.

Three Week Board & Train Package


  • 3 weeks Board and Training in Trainer's home
  • At least an hour when you pick up your pupster
  • Unlike the 2 week, which is for basic obedience and/or puppy training, the three week stay is for pups with severe issues: biting, severe separation anxiety, fear issues be it dog or human, and other behaviors such as these. This list is certainly not all-inclusive! The extra week makes for a better training period and also more time to remove and solidify the behaviors we choose.

I love it when you come visit! Your pup loves it too and you can start getting an idea of your dog's progression as you visit. Just let me know and we will work something out!



Boarding is only available for dogs who have trained with me previously! It’s a great way to have your pup’s skills brushed back up while you’re away for the weekend and yes, your pup stays inside, stays in my living areas and is given love and affection as well as rules and regulations!

I also understand this is an expensive venture but my record for dealing with difficult dogs did not come overnight. I’ve been doing this for about 8 years now and a couple hundred dogs have stayed at my house for two weeks (a few have been longer). I’ve had my hands on thousands of dogs and even if your pup comes up with something I’ve never seen before, I’m connected to hundreds of trainers around the world – someone else has most likely seen it and can help me help your pup through it!

I will also work with a payment plan. We can discuss your budget and see what will work (because I understand that by the time you’re calling me, you may be at your wits’ end!). We can set up an automatic withdrawal so you don’t even have to think about it! I try to be pretty flexible.


If your pup is not fully house-trained, there is an extra $250 charge for me to teach that. However, when I teach that, your pup will do both in 3 minutes or less. No muss, no fuss!

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