Oh My Dog Training

Service Dog Application Terms


  1. Recognize that you have PTSD and want something to help you restore and improve Your Quality of Life from what it is at present.
  2. Make certain immediate family members and/or support system at home if any, will assist and support you in the program. All members of your household MUST be in agreement. THE SERVICE DOG TEAM is a 24/7/365 COMMITMENT.
  3. Complete the personal information steps, which are your part of the application, and submit them immediately to Oh My Dog using the button at the end step to start the process
  4. Take the appropriate documents, which you may print in a later step, to your Health Care Provider to be completed and returned to Oh My Dog.
  5. Personal Reference Letters must be printed, completed and returned in the same fashion. If you do not have a printer, contact us and we can send you a printed copy.
  6. Make certain that you are committed to the training schedule and able to follow the lessons, and if you are unable to attend, to notify Oh My Dog immediately of not being able to show up due to health issues.
  7. Any and all dogs must be spayed or neutered prior to starting the Public Access/Temperament training part of the program. There are no exceptions to this policy.
  8. You must realize that this is a very big and important change to your current lifestyle and remain committed to the program 24/7/365.
  9. When or if something is not clear, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to contact Oh My Dog immediately with your questions or concerns - we have many accessible ways to reach us including our contact form, messenger applet, and phone number (605-370-8410) - and Please complete and return the Pre-training survey.